We are always looking for new members who enjoy the call of the sea or just like to sail.


We welcome families and individuals who are new to sailing or have years of experience.

With our club you will have access to a variety of small craft for use all year round.

To join Companionway, please contact our president by email at with your contact details. Space is limited, so the earlier in the year you make contact the more likely that space will be available.

You must also buy for a membership in the Jericho Sailing Centre.

A membership in Companionway is one of the most affordable in the Vancouver area, for an individual or for a family (so this an ideal club to have your spouse and children involved as well).

Please check with our for membership details and prices.

Please see the Amenities page to learn what else your Jericho Sailing Centre membership will get you.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard!


Renewing your membership is as easy as joining; in fact it’s the same.  Membership fees for Companionway are due February/March each year.

The club’s annual general meeting is normally in March/April each year.

Please remember to renew your membership with the Jericho Sailing Centre at the same time.

Happy Sailing!