017No other club at Jericho offers such economical access to small craft, catamarans, paddleboards, kayaks and sailboards.

The sails, paddles and other equipment for the boats and boards are located in the club room within the Jericho Sailing Centre.

 Please remember the following responsibilities:

  • All boats must be in the charge of a Companionway member.
  • Please sign out and sign in all boats, boards and kayaks when in use (the log book is kept in the club room).  Write your initial and family name clearly in the Skipper’s column.
  • Please specify which board, paddle or sailboard you are using.
  • Please report any damage or loss of equipment to the president and add a note to the Repair Log kept in the club room
  • Rinse boats and equipment free of sand and saltwater.
  • Please remember that you are responsible for the safe return of the boat and its equipment.
  • Please treat all boats and all co-operative owned equipment like they were your own and contribute to the cleaning and maintenance of the same.
  • Parents are responsible for their children using any boats and are expected to be present and supervise.
  • Equipment that is broken or lost due to negligence is to be replaced by the member who signed out the boat.

When returing the craft, please ensure it is rinsed off, the equipment is packed properly and stored away in the club room in its proper location.

When heading out on the water you are responsible for your own and your crew’s safety:

  • Always wear a PFD
  • Take a whistle
  • Carry a Bailer
  • Carry a Paddle

For more information about safety equipment, please see the Transport Canada Marine Safety Site 

and the Transport Canada Safe Boating Guide

Here is our current fleet.  The attached pages list each craft owned by Companionway, their locations and rigging instructions.  We ask that you please familiarize yourselves thouroughly with the craft you are using before you take it out on the water.