Receive some additional perks by becoming a member

DSC04303Apart from the sun, sand and ocean and all that it brings with it, being a member of the Jericho Sailing Centre (required when joining Companionway Sailing Club) has some extra perks…

All members are entitled to:

  • obtain a discount on food and drink in their galley restaurant with 180 degree dining views
  • have access to the members lounge with a big screen TV and satellite
  • the members only outside deck
  • have access to the roof deck.  A great spot to watch the fireworks and sunsets.
  • toasty hot showers and changing rooms (members only)
  • Locker rentals
  • the best view in the city
  • Free use of the centre’s gas BBQIMGP0152
  • Free English Bay Safety Seminar.  The seminar covers basic water safety fundamentals along with user specific information drawn from the logs of the Jericho Rescue Team who have intervened in thousands of “sea disasters” over the past 37 years. They are usually held once per month from April to August.
    All times at 1900H
    RSVP to the JSCA office, space is limited.