Boat Location

The Lasers are located in Stalls G17, G18 and G31 in the northwest side of the compound, west of the JSC main building.


  • C1 Heron – yellow G17
  • C3 Osprey – blue G18

Laser 3

  • White G31

 Special Instructions

The Laser is one of the most popular dinghies ever designed. It is simple, fast and responsive. Jericho has an active Laser fleet, with many tremendous sailors to learn from. The club has several full-sized battened sails for racing if you are interested.

The masts and booms are stored in the tubes next to each hull. The
lock is opened with a key which hangs in the clubroom.  Please return the key to its spot after you unlock the tube for the spars you are using. The sails are stored in the clubroom, hanging on the east wall. Rudders and dagger boards are stored in a rack against the south wall of the club room.

The sail bags and rudders as well as the centerboards are color coded to make it easier to find the right combination.  There are spare sails as well as two racing sails and the spinnaker on the shelf above the rudder rack for all Lasers . There is also a smaller sail M-rig available (a good option for smaller sailors or big winds). You will need the mast-top marked M-rig for it

When returning from sailing, please ensure that all equipment and the hulls are thoroughly rinsed free of saltwater and sand before storing.  The sails should be dry and folded before being placed into the bag and stored in the club room

Rigging Instructions

Please review the Laser rigging instruction below if you are unfamiliar with this craft:  Laser-Rigging-Basics-1

The following is a You Tube video about rigging a Laser: How to Rig a Laser – Video